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KKWS Group relocates cooling production to Eastern Europe for enhanced competitiveness

The KKWS Group’s is implementing strategic changes to the cooling production footprint to enhance competitiveness in the cooling solutions market for Wind and Industry segments. Consequently, all production of cooling in Denmark will be relocated to production facilities in Eastern Europe in 2024. This decision enables the KKWS Group to leverage the existing global production footprint and ensure the continued delivery of high-quality, cost-effective cooling solutions to customers.

The commitment to customers in maintaining high standards of service and product quality remains throughout the relocation. A dedicated team based in Denmark will ensure a seamless transition by working closely with all customers, aiming to prevent any impact on delivery timelines, quality, or product availability.

Our sales, support, and other staff functions will continue their work from Horsens, Denmark, staying close to our Danish customers.

While we look forward to the transition, we acknowledge the impact on our production staff and express our gratitude for their service over the past years, where cooling production has been a significant and respected workplace locally in Horsens.

We appreciate the continued support of our customers and look forward to serving you from new locations.

KK Wind Solutions to acquire  Nissens Cooling Solutions

It has today been announced that KK Wind Solutions has signed an agreement to acquire Nissens Cooling Solutions. A.P. Moller Holding today owns both companies. Together, the joint company will become a comprehensive solution provider to the wind industry, with power conversion and cooling systems solutions as its two foremost product categories. In this connection, Lars Steen Rasmussen, CEO of Nissens Cooling Solutions, will step down as of December 31st 2023. Pernille Erenbjerg, Chair at Nissens Cooling Solutions: “The increased demand for renewable energy requires large and strong suppliers to the wind industry. Together, the joint company will become a significant supplier combining power electronics and cooling solutions in one and, thereby, reducing complexity for customers and partners. Strong, large and mature partners are much needed in the wind industry to facilitate the transition towards greener energy supplies. I would like to extend my gratitude to Lars Steen Rasmussen, CEO of Nissens Cooling Solutions, for his dedication and efforts for Nissens Cooling Solutions.”

Positive start in 2023 after challenging 2022

2022 has been a challenging year for NCS. The company has been impacted by cost increases, shortages and delivery issues related to materials and components, as well as high costs of energy. In addition, the wind industry, which is our largest area of business, has been challenged, which has in turn impacted our business negatively.

Cooling solutions that keep wind turbines and industrial engines at always-optimal temperatures are crucial in the energy transition, and we are satisfied that we are seeing a positive start to the year 2023. Our industrial business is growing, and the wind business is improving steadily. Energy prices have reduced, and material availability is becoming better. We therefore maintain a positive outlook for the coming years, as we expect our industrial markets to continuously expand and a significant growth in wind in the 2024 – 2025 timeframe. We also aim to maintain and strengthen our current footprint, with full supply chains both in Asia and Europe, supporting our customers need in the regions where they are.

New ownership, new structure, and new CEO


During 2021 NCS International A/S (Nissens Cooling Solutions) has transitioned into its new ownership by A.P. Møller Holding and away from K. Nissen International A/S. Furthermore, Lars Steen Rasmussen joined as new CEO from April 2022. The financial results for 2021 were in line with expectation.

Lars Steen Rasmussen, CEO Nissens Cooling Solutions: “We are going through a significant transformation by separating our organization from the old Nissens group and optimizing our set-up to future growth. Cooling solutions and Thermal management is fundamental to the energy transition, and with a more focused company we are creating a stronger supplier to serve the increasing demand of this transition”

During 2021, net revenue was DKK 1.3 billion and a result for the year of DKK 28 million. The result includes one-time costs in relation to the transformation. Operationally the company’s financials were also impacted negatively by Covid-19 driven supply chain disturbances leading to inflationary pressure on materials, energy and other input cost.

As a global leading supplier of customized cooling solutions, Nissens Cooling Solutions plays an important role in facilitating the energy transition. The long-term outlook for the company therefore remains strong, but a challenging environment with geopolitical challenges, inflation and continued supply chain disturbances is expected to impact earnings in coming 18-24 months.

A.P. Moller Holding nadobúda Nissens Cooling Solutions


S potešením oznamujeme, že A.P. Moller Holding, materská spoločnosť A.P Moller Group, podpísala dohodu o nadobudnutí Nissens Cooling Solutions. Mikkel Krogslund Andersen, výkonný riaditeľ skupiny Nissens tvrdí: ,,Tešíme sa, že sa Nissens Cooling Solutions stane súčasťou A.P. Moller Group. Nissens Cooling Solutions má dlhoročnú históriu a sľubnú budúcnosť, pretože obnoviteľná energia a elektrifikácia neustále prenikajú na svetový trh s energetikou. Byť súčasťou A.P. Moller Group so svojím odkazom a dlhodobou perspektívou do budúcnosti otvorí príležitosti pre Nissens Cooling Solutions”. Po udelení bežných regulačných povolení sa očakáva, že transakcia bude plne formalizovaná v priebehu druhej polovice roka 2021.

Áno! Továreň NCS CZ získala certifikáty ISO9001 a ISO14001


Nová továreň spoločnosti Nissens Cooling Solutions v českom Olomouci, ktorá sa slávnostne otvorila na jar roku 2020, práve získala certifikát manažmentu kvality ISO9001 a environmentálny certifikát ISO14001. Veľmi nás teší vývoj a profesionálne vedenie nášho špecializovaného a kompetentného tímu českých kolegov. Už od prvého dňa sa zameriavajú na vytvorenie silného povedomia o kvalite, ktoré vychádza z dokumentovaných každodenných procesov. Na počesť našich zákazníkov v odvetví veterných turbín a priemyselných segmentov zaisťujú maximálnu prevádzkovú spoľahlivosť. Blahoželáme!

Chladiaci systém vytvorený na mieru pre jedinečné hybridné hasičské vozidlo


Skvelé! Veľkolepé spustenie jedinečného hybridného hasičského vozidla od popredného svetového výrobcu systémov na hasenie požiarov a ochranu pred katastrofami. Hybridné hasičské vozidlo je takmer bez emisií, vyhovuje želaniam hasičského zboru a zameriava sa na maximálny výkon a spoľahlivosť počas používania. Na mieru vytvorený chladiaci systém spoločnosti Nissens Cooling Solutions pre prvé hybridné hasičské vozidlo na svete spĺňa vďaka materiálovej efektívnosti chladičov Nissens AluXstream náročné požiadavky na kompaktný chladiaci systém s nízkou hmotnosťou.